Durov responded to Apple’s demand to close three Telegram channels writing about Belarus

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, responded to Apple’s request to close three channels of the messenger. As the reason for the blocking, the company cites the presence on the channels of information about representatives of the power structures of Belarus. Durov expressed his opinion on this issue in his own Telegram channel.

“I think this is an ambiguous situation, and I would prefer to leave the channels alone, but usually in situations like this, Apple does not offer much choice for applications such as Telegram,” the entrepreneur writes.
These are the channels:

On them, according to Apple, personal information of propagandists, as well as law enforcement officers of Belarus participating in the suppression of rallies, is published. The company is concerned that this could provoke violence.

Durov suggests that these channels will be blocked on iOS, but will remain available on other platforms.

Also, the entrepreneur gave the opportunity to subscribers to express their views on the situation. Readers who responded are divided, but most of them are unhappy with Apple’s demand and prefer Telegram to ignore it.