Telegram will soon launch an advertising platform

The Telegram messenger will soon start showing official advertising messages and shemale telegram in the channels for the first time, said the founder of the messenger Pavel Durov in his account.

“Telegram channels now contain advertisements that Telegram channel owners themselves publish in the form of ordinary messages. Official advertisements that Telegram implements will be much more comfortable for users. The income from such advertisements will allow Telegram to continue to provide users with a free and unlimited service.” , – wrote Durov.

As stated on the company’s website, advertising messages will be shown in large public Telegram channels, which have more than 1,000 subscribers, and they will be limited to 160 characters.

Advertisers will be able to choose the language and approximate theme of the channels on which their ads will be displayed. You can also select specific channels where specific ads will appear, or add specific channels where they won’t appear.

The minimum price for 1 thousand impressions of an advertising message will be 2 euros. The duration of the ad run will depend on the amount paid by the advertiser. “The ad message will continue to be displayed until it reaches this amount,” the company explains.

The advertising platform is currently in test mode. After Telegram has recouped its core costs, the company will start sharing ad revenue with the owners of public channels that display ads.

It is noted that Telegram will not track whether users click on the advertising message. External links will not be allowed in advertising messages to ensure that third parties cannot spy on users.

Sponsored messages will be based solely on the topics of the channels in which they are displayed. “This means that no user data is collected or analyzed to display advertisements, and every user viewing a specific channel in Telegram sees the same advertising messages,” the company said.

Durov argues that the majority of users will hardly notice the innovation. He explained that, firstly, Telegram will not show advertisements in the chat list, personal conversations or groups. “Advertising will affect only large channels – services where there is already advertising, and the support of which leads to the greatest costs on the part of Telegram,” said the founder of the messenger.

He promises that no personal data will be used to display ads. “User privacy for Telegram is paramount. The content of advertising messages will depend only on the topics of the channels in which they are displayed, and not on the personal data of users,” he wrote.

According to Durov, official Telegram advertisements will be unobtrusive. “Only short texts are allowed in them, without external links or photos. An advertisement can appear only after viewing all new messages in the channel,” he said.